Efficient, compact, easy to handle and versatile. Kevac industrial vacuum units are suitable for a wide range of applications such as surface cleaning and manufacturing processes in general. Our vacuums are fitted with a highly effective filtering system, have sturdy frames with large diameter wheels and high capacity wheeled bins (25, 50, 90, 120 or 175 liters), with a quick and innovative release system which make them extremely user friendly.
Both our Blue Line and Silver Line vacuum units can be fully customized with a wide variety of options and accessories to meet with customers’ specific needs and requirements.

Blue Line

Our Blue Line series has a great variety of industrial vacuum units suitable for a lot of applications in any type of industry.
The Blue Line single phase vacuums are multipurpose, powerful, silent, robust and suitable for vacuuming light, fine, clogging dust as well as swarf and coolants.
The more powerful Blue Line three phase vacuums are equipped with soundproofing, maintenance-free three-phase side-channel vacuum units for use in continuous run and have been specifically designed for heavy duty industrial vacuuming requirements.
The KOIL single phase and three phase vacuums are used for the removal of coolant, oil and swarf from metalwork machine tool sumps. They have been specifically designed for macro-separation of liquids from swarf and to return filtered liquids for re-use, disposal, transfer or stockage.
The Blue Line non-electric vacuums include three different power supply types. The compressed air driven vacuums are suitable for heavy duty industrial cleaning operations and sequential vacuuming on processing/manufacturing machines, or work in areas with a potential risk of explosion. The endothermic engine and battery series both being compact, very stable and easy to handle, are ideal for any application where an electric supply is unavailable.

Silver Line

Our Silver Line vacuum equipment is versatile and suitable for vacuuming any kind of dust and are an effective solution for process dedusting applications: blister, tablet press and capsule filling machines; vertical packing machines; laser technology and electronics.
Fitted with a soundproofed, maintenance free, three phase side channel vacuum unit for continuous run, our Silver Line machines are equipped with hygienic filters with large surface area which ensure maximum efficiency for long periods of time when vacuuming very fine dust.
The filter cleaning operations can be handled by an ergonomic manual shaker for easy and effective maintenance, while the quick and easy release system of the dust collection bin guarantees easy emptying.


Kevac has an extensive catalogue of accessories so we can provide the best solutions to your needs in any field of industrial processes.
From crevices and nozzles to connectors and reducers, from hoses and handgrips to brushes and preseparators, our accessories are available in multiple shapes and materials such as silicon, zinc or stainless steel, to fulfill every customer’s needs and requirements.

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